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Commercial Locksmith Services Shoreline WA

Various Shoreline locksmith companies are now providing basic and advanced security solutions for residential, commercial, road and emergency locksmith services. As technology advances rapidly, so do the security systems. A simple lock or fence may not be enough to provide optimum protection anymore. A security upgrade could be needed.

Depending upon the customer’s needs, there is a wide line of commercial security systems and products available with the Shoreline commercial locksmith companies. Users can get professional advice for the best possible system for their home or office protection. Many locksmith Shoreline companies offer home/office surveys to determine potential security threats and kinks in the existing security systems.

Biometric fingerprint access is the trending security solution in the commercial world nowadays. The system is fed with officials’ fingerprints and the lock mechanism is programmed to respond to only the fed fingerprint data. This has proved to be a successful security solution. Connecting the biometric fingerprint access control computer unit with an RJ45 Ethernet connection allows user to monitor all doors and access points through a single location.

CCTV Cameras
For additional security in the larger corporate environment, CCTV surveillance cameras are a good option. By connecting the camera feed to a closed circuit television system, user can view live activity stream in every room and office. Another popular security solution at homes and hostels is the telephone intercom. Now people can use their home telephone to speak to guests and visitors at the door without paying for an extra connection.

Window Protection
One of the most common entry points for burglars and intruders is through windows. Window protection needs to be flawless. For this purpose, more and more people are getting window security bars installed for their homes and offices. They are a time tested method of avoiding unwanted people from entering the house. Security bars come in all categories such as gate security bars, child security bars and quick release security bars. The advantage of quick release bars is that during an emergency, fire or some unexpected situation, users can always release the bars and create an escape route.

From simple wrought iron gates and locks to high tech, state-of-the-art access control systems, security keypads and surveillance cameras, Shoreline commercial Shoreline locksmiths are providing customized services depending on user preferences. These services are licensed, insured and therefore trustworthy, guaranteeing round the clock protection against all odds. For emergency and additional information, contact them at their phone number 206 489-2448. Security must never be compromised on.